Lake in Bhopal

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A Trip to Remember

Bhopal has rightly been called ‘City of Lakes.’There are many tiny as well as huge lakes in the realm of Bhopal. An interesting thing about these lakes is that some of them are manmade while others are natural. These lakes are enticing and perhaps, that is the reason that most of the tourists visit these lakes to steal some beauty and art.

Upper Lake

  • This popular Upper Lake is formed by great Raja Bhoj of Parmar dynasty. He has also been recognized for creating Bhojpur temple. It is believed that the name of the city Bhopal has also been derived from “Bhojpal” which was given by Raja Bhoj. Not just this, as a token of regard, Bhopal upper lake is addressed by the name of Bhojtal.
  • Upper Lake is situated in the western end of city. It is not just a tourist attraction but also suffices the water needs of city. It has been estimated that forty percent of residents of the city were served via its water that is around thirty million gallons per day.
  • The lake is also referred as “Bada Talab” by some local people. You know popular Van Vihar is attached to this lake and there also is one lower lake next to it? This smaller lake is at times referred as ‘Chota Talab ‘or ‘ChotiJheel’. Together both these upper and lower lakes formBhoj wetland area.
  • Talking about Upper Lake, it was created by forming a dam on Kolans River. This river was previously a branch to Halali River. It has Lower Lake on its south-east and the Kaliasot dam on its south. The water level of lake is controlled via Bhadbhada dam in south. Its outflow touches Kaliasot dam wherein another dam is constructed known as Kaliasot dam. Through this dam, the water gets passed to Kaliasot River.
  • Upper Lake is spread in the west of Bhopal city. It possesses famous Van Vihar national park on its south, splashing agricultural land on west and the human settlements on its east and north. The area of this lake is thirty-onesquare km. However, the catchment area of this lake is three hundred and sixty-one square km. Not just this, lavish locality of Shyamala hill in Bhopal is too in the south of Upper Lake. The water of this lake nurtures the green area of the Van Vihar National Park. In this area, one can also explore Van Vihar aviary pond and Van Vihar crocodile pond.

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