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There are numerous types of festivals around the world. Each one has a reason and history behind it. Starting from fireworks to colourful dances, each festival has some tourist attraction in it. We are here to list the top ten festivals of the world that are very delightful to watch and is a complete tourist attraction.

1. La Feria de Abril

Location – Sevilla, Spain

This is one of the most colourful and interesting fairs in the world. This festival is in the custom from 19th century. It started as a livestock fair and today, you can find horse riding, bull rings, dances, foods, music performances and many others. The fair takes place for a couple of weeks and each day, there would a different sight to enjoy. By evening, all the folks dance in a traditional Sevillian style throughout the night.

La Feria de Abril Spain

2. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Location – New Mexico

This is a hot air balloon festival in which thousands of pilots take part. Millions of people visit New Mexico for the sake of this festival that happens in the first week of October. The fiesta takes place for nine days. It started in the late 20th century and today it is one of the finest fiestas for sightseeing and enjoying. You can find a lot of food vendors in this area for some snacking.

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

3. Chinese New Year

Location – Chinese

Chinese New Year is celebrated for fifteen days following the full moon in January. You can find a lot of dance performances, including the dragon dance. This is the most colourful and cheerful festival of all. You can find family feasts, cultural dances, martial art performances, bands, lantern festival, parade and a few rituals that are similar to Thanksgiving. The lantern festival is the most enjoyed festival by all tourists.

4. Las Fallas

Location – Valencia, Spain

This is a crazy festival that is celebrated from 13th of March to 19th. The whole town of Valencia will be covered with dolls made with wood, wax, plastic and paper. You can even find dolls in the height of a three-storied building. You can find many street actions, social ceremonies, open air concerts and many other attractions. This festival is celebrated for welcoming spring by using unused wood.

5. St. Patrick’s Festival

Location – Dublin, Ireland

This festival is celebrated across the world but, Dublin is the master of this festival. This festival is celebrated from the 14th of March to 17th. You can find music, performances on the street, greening the city with paint and posters, beer village, fun fairs, walk tours, comedy centres and many others. Millions people gather together to enjoy this day.

6. Harbin International Ice Festival

Location – Harbin, China

The country would be very cold during the winter. This festival is held in Harbin which is the coldest inhabited place in the world. The festival starts on 5th of January and is conducted for a month. Starting from ice lantern show to adventure activities, this festival is all about ice. Top attractions are ice bars, ice sculptures, sport meet, romantic sleigh, shows at night and many others. It is a great delight to watch if you are ready to cope with the climate.

Harbin International Ice Festival

7. Loy Krathong Festival

Location – Sukothai, Thailand

This festival is celebrated on the full moon after the New Year. This festival is all about water. You can find firecrackers, cultural performance, and decorations on water bodies, beauty pageants, family feasts and many others. The best of all is the lantern festival.

Loy Krathong Festival

8. Carnivale de Venezia

Location – Venice, Italy

This is one of the oldest festivals of Europe. Every year three million tourists and more visit Venice to enjoy this mask festival. Top attractions are music performance gambling, bar feasts, mask parade and lot of fun.

Carnivale de Venezia

9. Holi

Location – India

This is the festival of colours. People throw colour powders and colour water at each other. Special sweets and delicacies will be exchanged and a bonfire is observed on the night before. If they find you on the road, you cannot resist them from spraying you with colours. You can also find dance parties and cultural performances in a few areas. This festival is celebrated everywhere in India. It could be a perfect time to visit in India to enjoy the culture.

Holi Festival in India

10. Rio De Janeiro Carnival

Location – Rio, Brazil

This carnival is conducted for six days. This is the most famous carnival of all times and it attracts millions of people from around the world. The streets will be filled with parade, dance performances, food vendors, loud music and a lot of people. It is a treat for your eyes. You can find many samba dance performances, open air performances and costume shows. It is the right festival for any party maniac.

These are not the only interesting festivals in the world. If you want to really enjoy the best of a vacation spot, choose festival time for visiting.

Rio De Janeiro Carnival

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