Jaisalmer is an oasis amidst the Thar Desert. This ‘Sun City’ glitters like gold due to the yellow sand and sandstone structures and is a perfect place to experience the unique desert lifestyle. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Rajasthan and popular for Sam Sand Dunes. If you are thinking about what to do in the Thar Desert then read below noted points.

Jaisalmer Fort

The sandstone structure of Jaisalmer Fort is the heart of the city. Often known as the ‘Golden Fort’ of Rajasthan, it is a treasure house of miniature paintings. As you travel to the fort, you will come across several traditional markets exhibiting Rajasthani merchandise.

Jain Temples

Jaisalmer is known for its Jain temples. These 12th and 15th century temples are adorned with beautiful Dilwara paintings, depicting human figures and animals. These temples are located within the Jaisalmer Fort and are dedicated to the Tirthankaras.


The Patwon-Ki-Haveli stands as an epitome of the lavish lifestyle of the traders. This nice piece of architecture is known for intricate mirror works and rich paintings. It is located in the main city of Jaisalmer. The architecture of this haveli made of yellow sandstones.

Jaisalmer Culture

If the beauty of Jaisalmer excites you, visit the Desert Cultural Centre. This museum is the best place to dive deep into the traditions and culture of Jaisalmer. Old coins, manuscripts, weapons, textiles and musical instruments are showcased here. Experience the culture of Rajasthan through its classical form of dances like Kathak, Ghair, Kalbelia, Kucchi Ghodi, Ghoomar etc as they are the popular in Rajasthan.

Gadsisar Lake

Get respite from the shimmering heat of Jaisalmer, spent some pleasant moments at the Gadsisar Lake. Located at the outskirts of the city, this 14th century lake was the water reservoir of the city. Earlier the person of the desert was depending on the lake whenever they needed.

Desert Safari Camp

The desert safari camps of Jaisalmer are for the adventure lovers. Spend a memorable night of your life at the Sam sand dunes, under the deep blue sky. You can also enjoy here a fun filled camel ride.

Jaisalmer Wildlife

The flora and fauna of deserts is quite different. Witness the same at the Desert National Park of Jaisalmer. A paradise for bird watchers, this protected sanctuary is known for several species of the endangered Great Indian Bustards, migratory birds, eagles and falcons. The desert fox, wolves and cats rule the salt lakes and thorny shrubs at the park. This park also houses an amazing 180 million fossils of old plants and wildlife.


If you are foodie then you can make this trip memorable with the delicacies of Rajasthan like Bajri Roti, Daal Baati,  Choorma, Kadi Pakora, Bhanon Aloo, Murgh-e-Subz, Gatte ki Sabji, Rajasthani Thali. You can find various restaurants there that will help you to experience it all with their cuisines that have a unique taste which you will not find anywhere.


Shopping is the good way to fill your empty pockets and you can find here antiques for showcase, jewelries, shoes and puppets that will reflect the colors of Jaisalmer. Also you can choose something different like Kurtas, Colorful Bags and Ghagras.

The best time to visit Jaisalmer is October to February. So, just pack your bags and experience the Thar Desert of Jaisalmer in a unique way.