If you are a lover of fishing then you must be aware of fishing kayak, but if you are new to this, surely you must be confused on selecting the right kind of kayak for your use. Before buying one it is very important to know some of the basic things about it. When it comes to kayak there are two types available.

  • Sit on top
  • Sit in kayak

Sit on top:

SOT is a new breed of kayak; it is a modified version of surfboard and you sit on them rather than in them. These types of kayak have surf holes which easily drains the water from the cockpit. This type of kayak is need in the surf zone.

Sit in kayak:

This is the traditional type of kayak; these types of kayak are just similar to canoes in this type you need to sit inside the kayak. In this kayak you can see a skirt which is used to cover the kayak that prevents water from entering. If you are regular fishers then this type of kayak will perfectly suits you.

Before buying a kayak you need to consider some of the important factors and some are listed below

  • The height and weight of the fisher, if you are searching a kayak for taller and big men there are some certain kayak that will suits them. Finding a perfect type of kayak is very much important; a kayak with lots of leg room and a weight capacity is suitable for tall person.
  • If you are shirt and average weighted person a big kayak may not fits you but while fishing in ocean a small kayak is not advised. So before buying a kayak you need a proper research and need to spend some time.
  • You must consider the type of vehicle which you are using to transport your kayak.
  • It is very much important to consider where you are planning to use your kayak, for every types of water you can get different one.
  • The type of fishing method is also important while buying a kayak, because if the selected kayak won’t fit your fishing style then it is very difficult to use.
  • When it comes to fishermen there are many different types available, while planning to buy a kayak for your use consider your type.

These are some of the important factors which you need to consider before buying a kayak.

If you are hardly searching to find the best kayak you can use online shops.  There are many online shops available where you can get many types of kayak. Even you can read all the fishing kayak reviews to find the best one for you. These reviews will greatly help you to know everything about the selected kayak. Reviews are one of the best options when you are looking for details about the kayak. You can easily compare one product with other, this comparison will greatly helps you to find the best and cheap product.