To properly experience Western Europe, you need to get off of the coach, out of the car, and spend some time on your feet. While clearly not for everyone, if you feel like a walking holiday is something you may be interested in, this article is for you.

Taking the First Step

So, you have decided that an active adventure in the countryside is something that sounds like fun and you want to give it a go. Now the question becomes where do you start? A well-organised website with clear and varied options is ideal. In order to get an idea of what type of trek you wish to undertake, you need to seriously and honestly assess your walking level. There may be a desire to push yourself a bit, but not ending up with a holiday that feels like work is more important by far.

Level Up

There are various levels that can be assigned to different types and lengths of walks, ranging from short flat walks that last from three to four hours to heavy mountain excursions which will have you walking six to eight hours per day while carrying all the gear you need to spend a few nights in a wild and unpopulated countryside. These two examples are the extremes at either end of the grading spectrum and there are vacation options for nearly any level of walker.

A Wild World to Wander

Ecotourism, or nature-centrism if you prefer, is at an all-time high. You can now choose to travel and experience your destination in its wild and beautiful form with minimal intrusion of the urban sprawl that creeps steadily into your natural kingdom. As an example, walking holidays in Greece provide the chance to stroll the coast of the Lybian Sea, its deep blue waters reflecting the dramatic landscape that rises high above its surface. Or you could explore the Acropolis in Athens one day and sail to an isolated island to climb its impressive peaks the next. When you build your perfect eco-vacation, the world is your oyster to savour and share.

Be Your Own Guide or Travel with a Local

Sometimes, going out on your own in an unfamiliar place can be a little overwhelming to consider. You wish that there was a way to take one of these amazing tours with someone who knows and lives in the land you will be walking. Well, as it turns out, that very service is available and is often well worth the extra cost associated with it. The value added by having a guide along who is familiar with the land and its inhabitants, human and animal alike, is well worth any additional cost. The special things that you can learn from a knowledgeable guide while trekking from island to island are hard to put a price on.

The World Is Waiting

There is a grand world just outside of your door. The modern world may have you locked away in its exhausting dance, but you can take the lead and step into a new direction. It is invigorating to take the reins and step off the beaten path onto a road of your own making.