Malaysia is a beautiful country to visit. It borders Singapore and makes for a great short-stay trip as well as an extended holiday destination. One of the most popular states to visit is Penang.

Visiting Penang

Penang is a thriving, bustling tourist centre of Malaysia. Due to the large volume of tourists visiting, over 40% of Penang’s working population is involved in the tourism sector. One of the names given to Penang is “Pearl of the Orient,” which sounds very exotic and entices people to visit!

Most people travel to Penang by aeroplane, as it is the quickest way to reach the island. Train and car are other options, but both methods take several hours, so the plane is the most time effective. Penang has its own international airport with planes coming in daily from various capital city destinations. The capital of George Town is situated on Penang Island.

George Town

George Town has a world heritage listing. It is a vibrant mix of east and west, along with old and new. New buildings and skyscrapers such as Penang Komtar co-exist alongside old shopping precincts where local markets operate. The older market areas cater more to the residents with an array of spices and other goodies. Additionally, the modern shopping malls attract the tourists who have a shopping bug!

Where to Stay in Penang

Of course, Penang offers multiple options to accommodate your lodging needs. However, you should stay in a great hotel near Penang Komtar, one of Penang’s popular retail and public transport hubs. A central location is always best when holidaying in a new country.

Penang Komtar

Penang Komtar is in George Town, which is the capital city of Penang. It is the sixth tallest building in Malaysia, and the tallest structure in Penang. Construction was completed in 1986, and the building was named after the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Abdul Razak bin Hussein Al-Haj.

Penang Komtar is a mini tourist hub and often takes quite a while to explore. It has a bus terminal at the bottom of the tower for those who do not stay nearby, so you can easily get to it. The Penang State Government are housed over several of the tower’s floors. Therefore, if you are in Penang on official business, you will want to stay nearby.

There are also several floors of retail shops and malls and a wide variety of eateries and dining facilities to work your way through! One of the building’s main attractions is the Rainbow Skywalk. From the 68th level, you can easily see why the skywalk is so popular. It offers an amazing view of Penang and is well worth a visit.

Other Attractions in Penang

Furthermore, there are guided walking tours of George Town. While strolling through the lively streets, you can soak in the colonial architecture and learn more about the local history. You can also visit places such as the butterfly farm and national park, along with superb beaches if you normally enjoy a more natural environment.

For individuals who enjoy food, Penang’s street food hawkers are famous for their tasty treats, so it is worth setting aside time to enjoy the culinary delights. Once you have enjoyed dinner, you must visit the night markets to see what they offer and pick up a bargain. Between all the other tourist attractions, you can easily fill your time by visiting one (or several!) of the shopping malls. There is plenty to see and do in Penang, and it all starts with finding a hotel in a central location!