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Anyone with a penchant for exploring nature would love to embark on a long road trip. And your tryst with nature becomes doubly exhilarating when you can explore the beautiful back country at your own pace. A home-on-wheels lets you do just that. Just imagine driving past the winding country roads in your luxury diesel RV, with panoramic landscapes and vibrant foliage giving you constant company. Fret not if the idea of spending nights in an eerie location in the middle of wilderness does not exactly excite you. All you have to do is explore exclusive parking options. When you are driving a top-class motor home, you cannot end up in just about any RV park. You should look for some classy place that combines both luxury and sophistication. We can tell you about four amazing RV parks that are set in jaw-dropping locations, offer the best in class amenities, and make every moment of your trip memorable:

Vines RV Resort

Looking for a dog-friendly luxury resort? Located on the central coast of California, Vines offers you just that, and more. For example, the wine-lovers would appreciate the resort’s proximity to California’s wine trails. If you are one of them, you can visit the region’s colonial wineries and taste some world-class wine. In the evening, park your motor home and head straight to the park’s spa-like pool for a rejuvenating experience.

luxuary parks

Newport Dunes RV Park

How about renting a sailboat and hitting the Pacific on a sunny day? Or how about setting out on a kayak to race against the crushing ocean waves? Alternatively, how does relaxing on the beach and enjoying a cardboard boat race sound? If you are excited by any or all of these consider visiting the Newport Dunes RV Park. Spanning over a kilometer on the South California beach, this waterfront resort and marina makes to the list of the most scenic RV resorts in the region.

Heritage Motor coach Resort and Marina

Satiate your craving for a glamorous beach experience by staying in this ultra-luxe resort. Located halfway between Pensacola, FL and Orange Beach, AL, this exquisite resort spans over 340 feet of shoreline. The beautifully landscaped retreat also boasts a private marina with access to the Gulf of Mexico. What is more? An infinity pool and a second story fire pit overlooking the Gulf add to the ambience.

Petoskey RV Resort

Heading to Michigan? We know where you should stay. Put up in the Petoskey RV Resort for a lifetime experience. The many amenities of the place will keep you entertained throughout the day. You could unwind in the resort’s clubhouse after a busy day outdoors and bond with the fellow RV-ers over a smoking cup of coffee or perhaps a pack of cards! If making friends with strangers is not exactly your cup of tea, head straight to the clubhouse and enjoy solitude while sipping your cocktail.  There are still other options to spend your evenings in style – pamper yourself in the outdoor spa or watch a movie at the home theater. You may also take a stroll on the resort’s walking paths. Sports enthusiasts can have a nice time at the adjacent putting green or the tennis court.

A big and sturdy diesel RV can be your reliable companion when you are out to explore the big and wide America. However, contrary to popular belief, RV-ing doesn’t always have to be an adventure in wilderness and it doesn’t have to involve making adjustments with uncomfortable amenities. Stay in a luxury resort and make your experience a memorable one.