Spanish in Costa Rica

Learning or learn Spanish in Costa Rica is simple and easy with fun and flora available for you at Costa Rica to explore and venture. COSI, Costa Rica Spanish School provides all what is needed for full-immersion experience and practicing your language skills with native speakers. The native Spanish curriculum integrates Spanish into all aspects of the Spanish Camp Program, including community service, sports and cultural activities. The unique combination of daily Spanish classes and three optional tracks quickly moves beginners from the basics to Intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish.

The program tracks at Spanish Camp include the traditional COSI camp option offers campers a great cultural and educational experience in which campers receive three hours of Spanish Classes per day before heading out to different cultural and tour activities in the afternoon. Activities include museum visits, national park tours, creative workshops, recreational games. Each activity is designed for engaging campers and keeping them active, while providing cultural immersion and language practice.

The service learning track moves the hardcore camping person way beyond the classroom and into community service projects where campers are fully immersed in a volunteer abroad experience. Campers should be of at least fifteen years of age to participate in the service learning track. Your understanding is increased for life at Costa Rica and you tend to develop a real sense of giving back by helping people and communities in need. The service learning projects include working with kids and construction.

The Sports Track takes campers for a whole new level of international sports. Campers study Spanish for three hours every morning and then move on to the top levels of sporting events with instructions for three to four hours every afternoon. The sports track develops a great deal of self confidence and builds skills as campers learn and compete at a whole new level. The sports track options include: Soccer and Scuba diving certification (abbreviated as PADI also).

Spanish in Costa Rica

The various Spanish learning programs include:

  • Small group intensive program for four hours a day: in which the students meet four hours per day from Monday to Friday in groups of eight students and study for four hours in morning or in the evening. The students are placed in groups based on the level achieved and results of the placement test of COSI.
  • Private Class Intensive: One to one instruction is designed especially for the people who want to advance at their own pace, work on specific vocabulary, or have other specific needs.
  • Combination of Small group intensive study for four hours and private class of two hours: The program is designed especially for people who want specifically intensive course in Spanish and also for those who owns need for extra private time for reinforcing their learning.

The Spanish classes are meant for easy to understand way and methods which brings to them the kind of pedagogy they desire for learning Spanish as never before for the sake of people for what is being learned in the group classes.