Mobile applications have changed the way we see the world. From flights to rental cars, you can practically plan the entire trip. The travel app searches for various aspects you want in a vacation. The credit for creating such innovative mobile application goes to b2b travel portal development companies. These companies provide the best solution for travel and tourism businesses. Through a reliable travel app one can easily track various aspects of a travel destination such as food, the culture, hotel seasonal and nonseasonal rates, best time to travel, various events happening in a particular city, etc. Here are some of the best travel mobile apps of 2017: –

  1. Hipmunk: Hipmunk is an app for both Android and iOS, it is an all-in-one travel planning solution. You can easily search for powerful flights and hotel search engine and filter the criteria for it with price. This mobile app has a set index for flight durations, filtration for various number of stops a flight can take and other factors. You can also take complete advantage of last minute deals on packages and hotels.
  2. Google Flight: This app as the name suggests is owned by Google. Flight finders and price tracking is the app’s main service. This app has been really reliable since the time it has launched in 2011. This makes it an excellent app for prospective travelers who want a good deal on flights. You can easily compare against thousands of flights across the world. Whether is is budget airlines, charter flights or flag carries, etc. you can easily check minute to minute update. Allowing users to filter searches, Google flight work as magic with variety of parameters involved.
  3. Skyscanner: Another excellent tool is Skyscanner which is perfect for travelers who want cost-friendly flight deals on domestic and international travel. You can filter on the basis of cabin class, price or takeoff and landing time, airline names, number of stops, etc.
  4. LoungeBuddy: Whether you are traveling economy or first class LoungeBuddy helps you in finding lounges for almost more than 500 airports. You can use this app by adding details of your trip, elite benefit or membership and service level included. You can search about a lounge through it amenities along with that post reviews for other readers to know your experience.
  5. Hopper: One of the best b2b travel app development is Hopper, made for both OS platforms Android and iOS. You can watch for flights on specific dates and destinations where the app will advise about the flight you are planning to board. This apps notifies you when the prices drops and rise and also indicates the cheapest flights available.
  6. AirBnB: AirBnB is the best alternative for hotels that can offer you potentially unique experience. AirBnB has more than 600,000 listings available which is covering 34000 cities. AirBnB offers room alongside their prices which helps to narrow down your selection.
  7. Kayak: This mobile app has been the go-to-trip destination planner for many users. Kayak is similar to Skyscanner that searches across various travel sites for flights, hotels and rental cars, etc. This app acts as a trip planner which offers details at a glance such as hotel gate number. You can use this app on devices such as Apple watch and provide real-time details.
  8. CityMapper: Is considered to be one of the best tool that can help you utilize public transportation. Ride-sharing services are one of its best features available. This app helps in the fastest way to arrive at your destination with the best possible route maps. In number of cities you can even check out subway and train times offline as well.