Traveling brings many challenges, especially in what to pack, and when one is traveling to Australia there are things you are going to want to do and see. Depending on what you want to see, you may end up on the road for a long time, so be prepared with these travel gadgets. Australia is a big place with tons to see and do, so make sure you’re prepared for just about any moment and anything with these 8 gadgets. There are a lot of travel gadgets on the market today, but these 8 gadgets are the must haves for any trip to Australia and beyond.

1 – Digital Camera

Bring a digital camera of some sort with you on your trip. A DSLR is best for capturing memories, but any digital camera will work. You’re going to want to capture memories and the many sights you will see as you travel in Australia. Nothing compares to the quality of images from a DSLR though, and there are many lightweight DSLRs on the market today. You don’t need the fanciest camera to take good quality photographs, but you do need a quality camera. Shop around for the best camera for the best price that matches your budget or you should visit cameraseals, where they provide some useful tips and tricks on digital cameras.

2 – Portable Charger

Even better, bring more than one. There is nothing worse than discovering your phone is dead midflight, or as soon as you land in Australia. Portable chargers also come in handy while seeing the sights in Australia, as you may be walking or riding for long periods of time. Keep one handy at all times while you travel. It is recommended that you bring at least two, so you can charge one and keep one (fully charged) on you during the day. You want the largest pocket size you can get away with and the highest mAh you can get in that size. Definitely bring two for every member of your travel party, so no one has a dead phone right when it’s needed. A good portable charger has a mAh of around 16,000 and fits in your pocket. Some even come with more than one USB port, which is handy if you travel as a couple or in a party.

3 – Back Up Batteries

For those things you just cannot charge, like your DSLR/digital camera. This can mean the difference between capturing memories or watching them just go by. Bring several of these, especially if you are prone to taking lots of pictures and videos. Make sure you bring a way to charge dead batteries as well, don’t forget the charger at home! You aren’t going to want your camera battery to die at a pivotal moment, which they usually do, especially when you don’t have a backup battery. Always bring at least 3 batteries, so you can charge one, have one in the camera and also have a spare in case the camera battery dies.

4 – Memory Cards

And also micro-SD card adapters. This will save you from your digital camera’s memory card from getting full and you no longer being able to take photographs. You’re going to want to bring the largest size your devices can hold to ensure maximum amount of space for photos and videos. Bring extra as well, just in case you fill up one and can’t download them all to a computer. Always bring at least two of the largest size, so that you can swap them out if they get full. Make sure you empty them every night, so you can continue to take photographs.

5 – International Travel Adapter

This is vital as you travel to Australia, as they probably have different plugs than what you are used to at home. And you are going to want to charge your electronics while you are traveling. If you are traveling with someone, you may want to each bring one. You’ll never have to worry about buying a last minute, expensive adapter again.

6 – Personal Computer

A laptop or MacBook will be handy to store your photos and videos on. This will keep your memory cards clear for the next day and next adventure. The laptop or MacBook also has a wide variety of uses, including talking to those back home for next to nothing with a good internet connection. For those taking a working vacation, this is absolutely necessary to keep up to date with what’s going on back home and keeping up with email. Use yours the same way you’d use it at home.

7 – Extension Cable Adapter

This is extremely handy if you have brought a lot of electronics that need to be charged all at once. Just pick up a regular one at your local store and bring it with you. You’ll be able to charge your phone, batteries for your digital camera, personal computer and any other devices. Also handy to have to charge your 2 (or more) portable chargers as well. Buy one in your home country, or that fits whatever plug you have the most of. This is an often overlooked travel gadget, but will save you a lot of hassle during travel.

8 – GoPro

The must have for any traveler. Use this to take videos of all the sights you’ll see and places you’ll go. The GoPro also takes photos, but it’s main use is videos and it really shines on them. The GoPro takes better videos than most digital cameras. The only limit is your memory card size – so make sure to bring extra! With the right accessories, you can run both the GoPro and your digital camera, allowing you to take video and pictures simultaneously.You can read the GoPro review here

These are the 8 best gadgets to travel to Australia with. In fact, pack them permanently with your travel stuff, as these gadgets are important no matter where you travel, especially if you travel a lot. Even if you don’t, these gadgets will save you stress, time, and money. All of these 8 travel gadgets are must haves.