RV-ing in Canada – Five Road Trip Ideas That Will Leave You Spellbound

Anyone with an eye for natural beauty would love to explore Canada. How does an RV-trip across the country sound? If you are up for it, we have a list of five awesome destinations that will make every moment of the trip memorable. The first thing to do is finding a suitable motor home. The Class A type is ideal for the job. However, you don’t really have to invest in a new model. All you have to do is find a used Class A motor home for sale. Crossing the borders isn’t that difficult. The Canada government needs you to carry a proof of citizenship and identity. You don’t need a Visa. You will need these documents even when returning to the US. Carry your kid’s (under 16 years) birth certificate or a Naturalization Certificate. You must also carry your vehicle’s registration document and insurance proof. Once the papers are in place, take a tour of the beautiful land to your heart’s content. Include the following spots on your list:

The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

Located in Northern Victoria County and Inverness County on Cape Breton Island, the Cabot Trail stretches over 298km and takes you through the rolling coastal hills and cliffs of the Cape Breton Highlands. A stunning view of the Gulf of St Lawrence will simply make you go wow as you drive through the scenic highways. The trail touches the tip of the island, passing through rural communities like St. Anns, Ingonish, Chéticamp, Dingwall, Baddeck, and the world famous Cape Breton Highlands National Park. A chance to watch the wildlife against a jaw-dropping panorama is a bonus you wouldn’t want to miss.


Coast Cariboo Circle Route, Vancouver Island BC

With an amazing wildlife and many spots for watching the mesmerizing sunsets, this spectacular road trip is nothing less than a dream-come-true for shutterbugs and Insta-fans. This whopping 2110.86 km driving trail will surely keep you entertained with amazing visual treats as you make your way through the small coastal Vancouver Island villages. A home to some of the best beaches of Canada, the route lets you explore the remains of the Gold Rush Trail and hike on volcanic mountains.

Southern Saskatchewan Discovery Loop

This driving trail runs through an expansive green vista lying on both of its sides. As you drive past the quaint Saskatchewan towns, the small and picturesque cafés and hotel bars will tempt you to stop and experience the charming West Canadian hospitality. Stop there for a while and then carry on with your driving through the scenic valleys stretching across miles of lush farmlands full of flax, canola, wheat, and barley plants.

St Johns to Central Newfoundland

This 1,401km stretch will let you embark on a gastronomic adventure. As you drive from St John’s to Twillingate, a region dotted with quaint beach towns, feast on the world famous Newfoundland dishes like Lobster Chowder, Cod Tongues, and fish and brews.  Taste the local wine at Auk Island Winery, experience a slice of local culture at one of the area’s bed and breakfasts on Fogo Island, or steal a glimpse into the local arts scene. Don’t miss the breathtaking hiking trails, especially BrimStone Head, that the Flat Earth Society labels as one of the four corners of the world.

Calgary, Banff and Jasper Trip

One of the most popular road trips in Canada, the Calgary-Banff-Jasper trip has something for everyone – hiking, wildlife, blue shale lakes, mountain ranges, and some of the spectacular sights in Western Canada. Remember, you will need three to seven days to cover the entire region, as both Jasper and Banff has countless attractions that are worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

Canada is vast and beautiful and these five road trip ideas will let you take a glimpse into the very best of it. Don’t worry if you don’t own an RV yet. You can easily find a suitable used Class A motor home for sale.  With luxury coming at an affordable price, it there is hardly anything else you will need to explore the wonderful land called Canada.


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